Printing / Lacquering / Digital Printing

We can print information on your enclosures using the screen and pad printing method. Alternatively, as a new development, we can design the enclosures using water transfer printing. In this way, you can individually style your enclosure either with your logo or with the customer’s. Or simply print on the device functions direct.

Decorative Lacquering

For reasons of cost, the manufacture of plastic enclosures in special colours is only possible for quantities of 500 or 1000 pieces. Consequently, for smaller quantities our service includes lacquering your enclosures.

Silk-screen and Pad Printing

We use screen and pad printing according to your instructions – the method of printing is coordinated with the product. We print in RAL, Pantone or HKS colours.

Modern printing machines are available to our trained screen printers, and, combined with high-quality printing colours, this is your guarantee of optimal printing quality.

The processes:

Silk-screen printing:

In silk-screen printing, a rubber squeegee presses the ink through a finely woven fabric and onto the material to be printed. In those sections of the fabric where no ink is to be pressed through, the open spaces are blocked off by means of a non-permeable material.

Pad printing:

In pad printing, the surface of the printing plate contains the recessed image which is to be printed. The squeegee presses the ink into the recessed image and then removes the excess ink. At the same time, a silicone-rubber pad moves from the material to be printed to the printing plate. The pad is lowered over the printing plate, so adopting the image to be printed. This means that pad printing is an indirect process. The pad then lifts off and returns to the material used for printing.

Information required from the customer:

In order to be able to carry out the type of printing you require, we require the following information:

  • colours needed for printing
  • image to be printed
  • typeface and size
  • printing position(s)

You can supply the pattern in the following form:

  • sketch
  • sample
  • drawing

Water transfer printing

You are looking for a unique enclosure? Phoenix Mecano can deliver it. The technology which makes it possible is called water transfer printing.

This process offers a whole new range of opportunities for applying different samples and decors to three-dimensional objects. By using water transfer printing, enclosures or front panels can be enhanced with individual samples and designs. This makes it possible to give an enclosure an exceptional appearance, just the way the customer wants. In principle, all enclosures and accessories are suited to the water transfer printing process.

Digital printing

For especially complicated motifs, using silk screen printing on keypads quickly reaches its limits. This is why we also offer our customers the possibility of having their products printed using a digital process. This is preferred for colour gradients or for images because it creates an especially high-quality and brilliant print image. Digital printing is also used for creating prototypes and for short runs. Of course, digital printing can also be used together with silk screen printing.

The process:
With the inkjet printing process, a polyester membrane is printed on the back with the required motif. A barrier coating is then laminated or printed on, because this guarantees optimal colour reproduction. The polyester foil was produced specifically for use as an input device and is especially tough and abrasion-resistant.

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