Mechanical components

The modular product system is compatible each other. The components can often be combined, which significantly simplifies the assembly.
Though we are not only supplier for single components but also support you in module assembling and segments up to complete solutions. Therefore you can more concentrate on your own jobs and leave the assembly works to our product experts.

A complete work is always formed from one individual part!

Enclosure technology

Whether it’s gasket, hardware, or component installation, cutting extrusions or linear assembly and modification, we provide faster results, more consistent quality, and 100% satisfaction with your order.

Let us handle your general assembly, including:

  • Assembly of cable glands, terminals, mounting plates, DIN rails, connectors, and any electrical / electronic components
  • Procurement and assembly of threaded inserts or studs, hardware, and RFI/EMC conductive seals
  • Procurement and assembly of membrane keypads and decorative foils

Using standard system components, we can put together a complete system based on your specifications. When needed, we can also mount and test any additional components you provide, and even perform electrical tests on assembled components.

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