Cable glands

The basic purpose of a cable gland is to allow the secure, sealed feeding of a wire into the enclosure. We can supply cable glands in the following versions, optionally with metric or PG threads:

  • Polyamide cable glands
  • Brass cable glands (also EMC variants)
  • Stainless steel cable glands
  • EX cable glands for wires with and without sheathing
  • Cable glands with anti-kink protections

In addition, most types have integrated strain relief and anti-twist protection. The cable gland range is completed with different accessory components such as counter nuts, blind plugs, sealing discs, sealing rings and drainage plugs.

Pressure compensation elements

Pressure compensation elements are an important accessory for applications which are exposed to high humidity and temperature variations. They are used for pressure compensation in micro environments and provide protection against particles, water, oil and other liquids. They are durable, equipped with a thread, and can easily be fitted in existing devices. They are suitable for different uses such as protective enclosures, illumination enclosures and any other devices and enclosures which need to be protected with pressure compensation elements.

Detailed information is available on our BOPLA and ROSE brands websites.
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