New sliding guides with individual positioning

New sliding guides with individual positioning

RK LightUnit-G / telescope slide guide

RK Rose+Krieger is expanding its range of single-tube linear actuators for easy manual adjustment with the addition of the RK LightUnit-G and RK LightUnit-G telescope slide guides. The special characteristics of the new aluminium linear actuators are the adjustable latching position of the carriage or guide tube, lightweight construction, corrosion resistance and simple installation using just a single tool.

The RK LightUnit spindle-driven, single-tube linear actuator is designed specifically for easy manual adjustment. It has an aluminium spindle and plastic slide bearing, which make for a lightweight construction, allowing the carriage to be moved with a minimum of force required. RK Rose+Krieger is now adding extra versions of these single-tube linear actuators to its range, in the form of the RK LightUnit-G and RK LightUnit-G telescopeslide guides, with adjustable latching positions.

Advantages for you:

  • Easy – Installation using just a single tool
  • Flexible – Individual adjustment of the positioning elements
  • Versatile – Free selection of carriages for many different applications
  • Fast delivery – All components available from stock
  • Compatible – Wide range of connection versions with RK tube connectors
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Features of the RK LightUnit-G

Features of the RK LightUnit-G

Features of the RK LightUnit-G telescope

Features of the RK LightUnit-G telescope

Adjustable latching function

The aluminium guide profile of the RK LightUnit-G comes in any length up to 1,500 mm. Special positioning elements are fastened in the slot of the open C guide profile for exact positioning of the manually adjustable carriage. During operation, the latching bolt of the carriage engages automatically in these positioning elements. The special feature, compared to other solutions, is that the aluminium positioning elements can be released and locked in a different position at any time, simply using a hex key. This means that any number of latching positions can be implemented without the need for drilling.

Unlike the RK LightUnit-G, the telescopic version features a guide tube which can be positioned manually. At the same time, the positioning elements in the C guide profile can also be use to define any number of latching positions.



The slide guides are perfect for numerous applications, such as format adjustments on conveyors, positioning of sensors and light barriers, limit stops for saws, jig making and applications which require simple manual positioning or height adjustment. There are 3 different versions of the plastic carriages available to meet a very wide range of demands. If required, different types of carriage can be used on a single guide profile. Each individual element of the new slide guides can be purchased by the user separately and combined as required, thanks to the flexible modular design. A further advantage is that all components are available from stock for fast delivery.

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