CAD-data RK Rose+Krieger / ROSE

RK Rose+Krieger and ROSE regularly expanded and updated online portal, allows you to download products in the form of CAD data. Once access has been set up you will be able to have 20 products generated for you daily in the data format of your choice. These will then be delivered by email or direct download, completely free of charge. We construct CAD components to your geometric specification and so this must be as accurate as possible to achieve an optimum product standard.

We reserve the right to make any necessary technical adjustments.

PARTcommunity RK Rose+Krieger

PARTcommunity Rose


CAD data of the BOPLA and DewertOkin products can be downloaded directly from the website of the parent company.

Data provision of standard BOPLA products

Data provision of DewertOkin products


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