Membrane keypads / HMI

From membrane keypads right up to touch screens

We offer you a wide range of system solutions for sophisticated and individually-designed membrane keypads / HMI: Touch screens, front membranes, short-stroke keys or membrane keypads using different technologies, sizes, colours and designs – our range of products is huge. Membrane keypads / HMIs must comply with the specified requirements, and at the same time be user-friendly and have stylish designs. Of course, fitting our enclosures with a membrane keypad / HMI is part of our service, so many of our standard enclosures are already fitted with a membrane area which makes possible flush and attractive mounting.

Integration of touch screens / displays

We carry out for you the integration of touch screens / displays in almost all standard or customer-specific enclosures. To do this, we use in-house developed casting
technology. In addition, BOPLA can use optical bonding to combine the touch and glass units. In combination with our additional services such as mechanical processing,
ESD-compliant complete mounting and packing, the result for you is a genuine “all-round no-worry package”.

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Membrane keypads on a copper basis

In addition to keypads based on conductive silver, we also manufacture high-quality keypads with copper-laminated base membranes, galvanically silver-plated, and gold-plated on request. As the copper-laminated material is highly flexible, it is almost impossible for breaks to occur in the membrane cable – problems such as silver migration are practically impossible.
Instead of glueing as used in the conductive silver process, we can securely and permanently solder LEDs, photodiodes and other   components. These are advantages which give our customers the necessary security in practice when using membrane keypads.

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The main feature of this technology is the improved haptic feedback and operability! The so-called “short-stroke” feeling considerably improves the input interface, including for keys with extremely small or extremely large surfaces. This is guaranteed by the highly-tactile, robust key element which is fitted between the snap dome and front membrane. In addition to providing better feedback, the Profiline key areas are also extremely robust. The integrated acrylic inlay gives protection against dust and moisture and also protects the snap dome against possible deformation. Not even heavy point-specific pressure can damage the key areas.

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Doming technology

Now we can offer coatings using a clear plastic compound, a process known as “doming”. This allows us to meet special requirements in respect of a sophisticated design just as much as the specifications for comfortable handling. The plastic compound is “self-restoring” – this means that the material reacts to mechanical deformations by returning to its original shape within a short period of time.

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Membrane keypads with night design

The back-lit Profiline keypad is constructed in a similar way to a normal Profiline keypad. The basic difference is the basis membrane, which is made with an FR4 PCB. An LED is mounted on this PCB on the rear in the middle of the key. The back-lit Profiline keypad has additional advantages such as its long operating life, low power consumption and haptic feedback. This technology makes it possible to illuminate the keys separately – the light passes through a hole in the special snap dome into the integrated acrylic inlay, where it is scattered accordingly. The easy-to-feel key element makes it much easier to use. 

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Short-stroke keys

Short-stroke keys are electromechanical keys with a 0.3 mm contact travel and which provide a clear, tactile response through the entire key operation process. They are fitted to a PCB and, in connection with a supporting plate and a customer-specific front membrane, they form a membrane keypad.

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