New: Tube connectors with size 18 ball joint

Tube connectors are flexible, quick and easy to use

New: Tube connectors with size 18 ball joint

new tube connectors

Seven new tube connectors with a size 18 integrated ball joint (three aluminium, four plastic) complete the RK Rose+Krieger product range

Aluminium and plastic clamping elements

RK Rose+Krieger is expanding its product range of aluminium (Solid Clamps) and plastic (Light Clamps) tube connectors to include a total of seven clamping elements with a size 18 ball joint.

Following on from the successful acceptance of four aluminium tube connector models with a size 30 integrated ball joint on the market, three more variants with a ball joint are now complementing the Solid Clamps series. Size 18 base, angle and hinge clamps are the new additions to the range. The series of Light Clamps has also been expanded. Four new plastic tube connectors with ball joints, also size 18, are now available to complement the product range. In addition to the variants mentioned above, this also includes a sleeve clamp.

All the new ball clamps have a universal connecting plate that can be rotated 360° to ensure flexible connection and feature two slotted holes and two threads. The connecting plates’ pivoting range is 60° in each case. The clamping elements can be freely adjusted and easily fixed. This makes them ideal for the construction of flexible tube structures, as well as for mounting sensors, reflectors and other elements that need to be precisely aligned or readjusted more frequently, depending on the production requirements and product. A special surface coating on the ball joint makes for a high-strength clamping connection.


  • can be pivoted freely by 60°/can be rotated 360°
  • can be combined with size 18 and 30 tube connectors
  • the clamps feature a universal connecting plate for flexible integration
  • high-strength clamping thanks to special finishes

Tube connector KG FS – Base clamp with ball joint

Base clamps are used for plane angle connection. The tube connector can be screwed to machines or frames, for example. Components can be fastened directly to the screw surface of the ball joint and set individually.

Light Clamps (Plastic tube connector) KGFS2-KU 18

Solid Clamps (Aluminium tube connector) KGFS2 18 / KGFS 30

Tube connector KG M – Sleeve clamp with ball joint

Sleeve clamps are used for axial connections. Sleeve tube connectors can be used to extend tubes, for example. In combination with the new ball joints, components can now also be fastened to the tube end and positioned flexibly.

Light Clamps (Plastic tube connector) KGM-KU 18

Solid Clamps (Aluminium tube connector) KGM 30

Tube connector KG MM – Sleeve clamp with double ball joint

The basic function of the sleeve clamp is used for this purpose. However, two sleeve tube connectors are connected by a double ball joint. This combination makes for tube constructions which can be set very flexibly, and thus represents a genuine alternative to conventional welded constructions.

Solid Clamps (Aluminium tube connector) KGMM 30

Tube connector KGW – Angle clamp with ball joint

Angle clamps are used for axial connection of elements. Angle tube connectors can be used to extend tubes, for example. In combination with the new ball joints, components can now also be fastened to the tube end and positioned flexibly.

Light Clamps (Plastic tube connector) KGW-KU 18

Solid Clamps (Aluminium tube connector) KGW 18

Tube connector KG GPZ – Hinge clamp with ball joint

The joint of the tube connector is designed with toothing and can thus be pivoted by 180° in 15° steps. The introduced ball joint now makes for even more degrees of freedom with adjustment.

Light Clamps (Plastic tube connector) KGGPZ-KU 18

Solid Clamps (Aluminium tube connector) KGGPZ 18 / KGGPZ 30

RK tube connectors – the flexible alternative to welded connections

When it comes to stable and detachable tube connections, clampable tube connectors are a cost-effective and extremely flexible alternative to complex in-house designs or welded constructions. RK Rose+Krieger offers different solutions depending on the load and the application:

  • Light Clamps made from plastic for tasks with low mechanical loads are corrosion-resistant and resistant to aggressive substances.
  • Solid Clamps made from aluminium for the medium to heavy load range have good mechanical features and impress with optimum cost efficiency.
  • Robust Clamps made from stainless steel for heavy loads and shock-proof applications are engineered to be highly resistant to temperature and corrosion. They feature a particularly high flexural strength, and retain their excellent stability even when exposed to dynamic loads.
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