RK stand system for holding and positioning

New: RK stand system for holding and positioning

RK stand system

The RK stand can be used to integrate and set labelling machines, display/operating devices or similar items in production processes.

Maximum stability and flexible alignment for loads of up to 60 kg – the RK stand system, which now forms part of the RK Rose+Krieger standard range, offers it all! As a specialist for linear, profile, assembly connecting and modular technology, we once again demonstrate the multitude of options of product lines which are mutually compatible.

The new high-grade stand system is ideally suited for holding and positioning industrial marking, display and operating devices, such as labelling machines, optical readers, camera systems or 3D scanners – to name but a few. The respective load can be aligned precisely in the space and adapted to changing requirements.


  • Straightforward vertical and horizontal manual adjustment
  • Self-locking trapezoidal screw spindles
  • Vertical or horizontal connection elements for terminal devices
  • Axes freely lockable thanks to lift clamp
  • Adjustable axes guide
  • Anodised aluminium base with adjustable feet
  • Load-bearing capacity of up to 60 kg
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The RK stand system in detail

The RK stand system in detail. It can be used flexibly and upgraded individually. Click to enlarge.

Flexible, stable and individually upgradable

To do so, we combine six different modules from our comprehensive modular product system: the stable H-shaped base with adjustable feet has been manufactured from anodised BLOCAN® aluminium profiles and an aluminium base clamp (tube connection technology) for mounting the vertical linear actuator.

The axis, just like the horizontal boom of the stand, is from the RK linear technology range – both are type E 60 linear units with self-locking trapezoidal screw spindles. A guide groove which acts as a torque support reliably prevents the axes from twisting. They each have a standard stroke of 200 mm and are freely lockable using a lift clamp. The connected load can thus be adjusted on two axes. Handwheels are used to adjust the boom in the vertical direction and the load in the horizontal direction manually. Both the linear actuators are available in two lengths: vertical 1010 mm and 1500 mm and horizontal 390 mm and 520 mm.

A cross clamp made of anodised aluminium from the Solid Clamps product range is used as the connection for both axes and as a guide carriage. Solid Clamps tube connectors are also used for load bearing on the moving axis. The FK 60 flange clamp and the FS 60 base clamp are available.

As always at RK Rose+Krieger, many further variants can be implemented on request. That way, for instance, the axis lengths, strokes, load-bearing capacities and steering rollers of the stand system can be adapted to the requirements and desires of the customers. To this end, there is a broad range of accessories available from the RK Rose+Krieger product portfolio.

Tube connectors from RK – the stand system can be upgraded simply

When it comes to stable and detachable tube connections, clampable tube connectors are a cost-effective and extremely flexible alternative to complex in-house designs or welded constructions. RK Rose+Krieger offers different solutions depending on the load and the application:

Thanks to the broad range of tube connectors and the large number of combination options, modules, such as labelling machines, scanners and camera systems, can be integrated quickly and easily into production process. In case of a model change or a modification in the production process, the tube connections can be unfastened again and the system can be readjusted in the most straightforward manner.

Tube connector applications

Tube connector applications

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