Sit more comfortably – Dynamic seating systems presented by DewertOkin in new video

According to a health study report carried out by German health insurance, people spend around 7.5 hours a day sitting down – whether at work, in the car or at home. During this time, DewertOkin would like to make you as comfortable as possible. In a new seating video, the drive manufacturer is presenting high-performance drive technology for adjustable armchairs.

Alphadrive 3 – the small powerhouse

This modern and powerful single drive can be used in many different applications thanks to its turned guide profile and small motor housing. With its compressive force of up to 3,000 Newton and an adjustment speed of up to 30 millimetres per second, the Alphadrive 3 can bring a chair quietly and quickly from a reclining to an upright position.

Alphadrive 5 – support for standing up

Stand-up chairs are a real relief in everyday life, especially for seniors and people with limited mobility. DewertOkin is presenting the new Alphadrive 5 single drive for these types of applications. With a compressive force of up to 6,000 Newton, it delivers very efficient assistance in getting up, which helps encourage mobility. Its compact design is ideal for installing within slim, modern chair shapes.

Microdrive 2 – relieving neck strain

The Microdrive 2 single drive combines strong performance with a compact design. Its installation size is only 130 millimetres plus the stroke. With these slim dimensions, the single drive will help you to save space; it is very well suited for installing in head and neck supports. With an adjustment speed of up to 35 millimetres per second and a compressive force of 3,000 Newton, the Microdrive 2 provides a powerful yet gentle adjustment mechanism for a head or neck support. An aluminium guide profile ensures stability and reliability. The versatile single drive features maintenance-free 24 V DC motors.

Microdrive 3 – more comfort for users, more versatility for cushioning and fittings manufacturers

With its extremely compact design and small installation dimensions, the new Microdrive 3 gives designers a great degree of design freedom. Many different installation positions are possible because of the rotatable gear clevis. With a much faster adjustment speed and a compressive force of 4,000 Newton, the Microdrive 3 provides a powerful yet gentle adjustment mechanism for head and neck supports.

Power Pack 1300 – battery-pack power supply

The Power Pack 1300 ensures a mains-independent power supply for any furniture that uses electric motors for adjustments. The lithium-ion battery features a very low weight and low rate of self-discharge. This shapely and compact rechargeable battery fits unobtrusively into any chair design.

RF Touch – combining function and design

The RF Touch high-end wireless hand-held transmitter can be used together with all OKIN wireless systems. It features a modern soft-touch housing and a glass surface with up to 32 responsive buttons. Signals from the wireless hand-held transmitter can be reliably transmitted thanks to the patented, absolutely interference-free 2.4 GHz radio transmission. A special feature of the RF Touch is the white background lighting, which activates automatically during movement so that adjustments in the dark can be made easily. The hand-held wireless transmitter also features a built-in torch/flash light.

CU165 control unit – the all-rounder

This new control unit allows you to operate up to four different drives so that complex, customized motion profiles can be implemented. Bi-directional 2.4 GHz wireless control enables all functions to be executed without any cables. The CU156 also features Bluetooth. This makes it possible for iOS or Android smart phones or tablets to be used to make convenient adjustments for your cushioning applications. Favourite positions can be saved using the built-in memory function.

You can view the video at this link: DewertOkin Seating System

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