New online product finder for the linear, profile and connection technology sectors

The right product, quickly and easily: simplified search thanks to redesign

In order to give customers and interested parties a better understanding of the wide RK product range and make selections easier for them, the existing selection assistants have been reworked to include various optimisations and new product finders have been introduced.
RK has several thousand items in its range. Given that the product range continues to grow continuously and it is even more difficult to make the correct choice, we would like to provide you with support with a functional online tool. Thanks to the new product finder you can get to your goal quicker and easier. 

The range is large and making a choice is often difficult. In many cases it is therefore only possible to reach a decision by comparing technical data, which is an extremely time-consuming process. With the selections aids, RK Rose+Krieger makes it easier for design engineers to find the right components and functional modules.

RK supplies a wide product range for different areas of application. In order to make it easier for customers and interested parties to make a choice, the existing selection assistants have been optimised to include various functions. It is now possible to use full-text search with material numbers, model and product designations to narrow down the range in the respective sector or even make direct selections. If no specific data for the RK products is available, the range can be narrowed down using filters, for example product group, version, size and various other load specifications. It is also possible to save up to three products for a direct product comparison.
The dynamic display of search results provides a good overview and the option of saving a product with a button for collective enquiries, calling up and referencing CAD data or further information on the product in the PDF file of the catalogue. The product finder makes it possible to make a direct and non-binding enquiry for one or more selected products.

Product finder linear units | lifting columns | electric cylinders

Product finder linear units | lifting columns | electric cylinders

Linear technology product finder

The initial selection on the basis of the three main segments filters the RK linear units according to application and performance criteria, as follows

  • Move-Tec: for occasional width, length or height adjustment with low duty cycle, low speed and average to high stability
  • Place-Tec: for loading and unloading, palletising and pick & place applications in 3-shift operation with short cycle times, high cycle rates and high demands on repeatability and reliability
  • Control-Tec: for numerically controlled positioning applications with uniform movement sequences in 3-shift operation, high drive stiffness and high demands on positioning accuracy

Alternatively, a filter for the exact drive type can be applied. Linear units/guides are available for selection for constant-length drives and electrical cylinders and lift columns are available for selection for variable-length drives. The loads and strokes, and thus the search results, can then be narrowed down.

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Product finder for aluminium profiles

Product finder for aluminium profiles

Profile technology product finder

The new online selection assistant is based on the application requirements for the aluminium profiles, and takes just a few steps to find the suitable product. RK Rose+Krieger has split the profile technology field into three categories according to the application:

  • Construction profiles for stable, versatile structures. Their features include fixing slots on all sides, unlimited application options, little effort required in construction and optimal planning and assembly costs.
  • Functional profiles with appealing designs impress with their added visual and functional value as well as great flexibility in their application.
  • Heavy-duty profiles are specially designed for heavy loads and the highest stability requirements. Use while subject to high dynamic loads, large structures and a comparatively low weight are their distinguishing features.

A filter is also available for narrowing down the required profile dimensions.

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Connection technology product finder

Connection technology product finder

Connection technology product finder

RK Rose+Krieger has broken its connecting technology down into three segments defined by load range:

In order to be able to offer interested parties the full range, the RK product finder has been upgraded in the connection technology area to included the monitor holder and ITAS.

The selection assistant for connection technology also provides a function for selecting different diameters. RK supplies up to 38 different size combinations for its products.

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